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“Interesting applications of engineering idea can be technologies of soil desalinization, water softening, as well as water and soil cleanup and regeneration, increase of its fertility using zeolites.” The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev (From report at the first convention of Kazakhstan engineers in May, 1993)

Taza Su Limited Liability Partnership is a dynamically developing diversified company known in Kazakhstan for offering works and services on soil and ground cleanup from oil and oil products contamination, as well as production and processing of natural zeolite and using it in various fields of industry, environment protection and agriculture.

“TAZA-SU LLP was founded in 2003. TAZA-SU Limited Liability Partnership operates Chankanay zeolite deposit, which is the largest in Kazakhstan. The director is Idrissova Dinara Zheypisovna.
The company has developed and has introduced the Integrated System of Quality Management, which is confirmed by the following certificates:
1. Certificate of compliance of quality management system with ST RK ISO 9001-2001
2. Certificate of compliance of environmental management system with ST RK ISO 14 001-2006

In July, 2009 in Astana, Association “League of Consumers of Kazakhstan” awarded TAZA-SU LLP with the “PERFECT” National Quality Symbol, which is the symbol of the quality goods and services sold on the territory of Kazakhstan.


The Chankanay deposit is located in the Kerbulak district of the Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan with proven reserves of 5.5 million tons. The zeolite is processed at its own processing plant, which can handle up to 100,000 tons per year. Also at the plant there are auxiliary shops, focused on processing and modification of the zeolite and its own laboratory. The presence of reserves allows supplying, for many years, stable in quality raw materials to enterprises in Kazakhstan, as well as countries of near and far abroad.

Taza Su LLP is a socially responsible organization that pays great attention to the social activities of the enterprise, coordinates work to ensure the social security of employees, as part of a collective agreement.

There is a health center in Taza Su LLP, an enterprise has entered into an agreement with sports and fitness complexes for the employees to play sports. The program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Healthy Lifestyle” is being implemented, which includes the popularization and promotion of a healthy lifestyle and various sports among employees.

Annually trips to holiday homes, recreation centers, sanatoriums are organized for the company’s employees; children of employees in children’s health camps, and in winter, at the expense of the enterprise, mass vaccination against the flu of the whole team is carried out.

For the purpose of social support of employees, the Taza Su LLP adopted the “Provision on the payment of financial assistance for the birth of a child (children)” in the amount of 100 thousand tenge.


The activity of Taza Su LLP is aimed at the implementation of the Quality Policy based on the following principles:

Production of products that are competitive in quality and price and meet the requirements of consumers that meet the requirements of industrial and environmental safety.
Leadership of top management in ensuring the unity of policy and objectives in the field of quality and the creation of an internal environment;

– ensuring the unity of the goals and activities of the enterprise;
– providing its employees with the support and appropriate resources for professional development, professional skills and material well-being;
– improvement of the material and technical base of the enterprise;
– systematic integration of production and science, the introduction of innovative technologies;
– creating conditions for effective mutually beneficial cooperation with consumers.

Ensuring the production and management of qualified and competent personnel, the motivation of all employees to actively participate in the management and quality assurance.
Application of system and process approaches to all activities and the implementation of their continuous monitoring and analysis.
Ensuring the compliance of the enterprise’s activities with the requirements of international standards ST RK ISO9001-2009, ST RK ISO 14001-2006 and continuous improvement of the integrated quality management system
Improving the manageability of the company, the introduction of modern production management methods.
Development of the image and increase the competitiveness of the enterprise, the introduction of the principles of continuous improvement in all activities.
Increase sales and improve the financial sustainability of the enterprise.
The possibility of entering into long-term relationships with consumers and suppliers.

Through development to perfection!

The Company’s top management undertakes to implement the Policy by maintaining and improving the integrated quality management system, as well as ensuring that all employees of the Company know, understand and implement the provisions of the Policy.

Director of Taza Su LLP Idrisova D.Zh.

This Policy of Taza Su LLP (hereinafter the Partnership) is developed in the field of safety and labor protection of the employees of the Partnership and is applied in all areas of the Partnership and applies to all its employees.

The need to strictly comply with all OSH requirements (occupational health and safety) is an important condition for the successful development of modern business.

Priority objectives of the Partnership:

  • Ensuring safe working conditions for employees, contractors, as well as safe operation of the equipment of the Partnership;
  • prevention of accidents in the Partnership;
  • prevention to prevent accidents in the Partnership;
  • respect for the environment

Fundamental principles:

  • to be guided in their activities by regulatory and legal requirements in the field of OSH;
  • take measures for safe work;
  • take care of the health of each employee;
  • conduct training or retraining of workers before performing new work;
  • identify OSH risks;
  • take maximum measures to ensure strict compliance with the rules of labor protection and safety;
  • take all necessary measures to protect the environment;
  • Responsibly and rationally consume natural resources;

Key performance indicators in the field of OSH:

  • the absence of violations and, in the first place, of especially dangerous, in which the conduct of work is prohibited;
  • no injury in the performance of work;
  • reduced consumption of materials and energy carriers;
  • minimization of adverse effects on the environment;
  • reduce waste at all stages of its activities.

Measures taken to achieve high performance:

  • the use of modern technologies, as well as the use of vehicles, means of protection and communication that meet the requirements of safety, labor and environmental protection, as well as the organization of strict control over the use of resources, including energy consumption;
  • The partnership in its work is guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the requirements in the field of labor protection, safety and environmental protection;

Ecological and environmental measures:

  • the use of modern technologies to eliminate environmental pollution in the process of the Partnership;
  • constant monitoring of work carried out for compliance with environmental requirements.