TAZA-SU LLP is the only enterprise in Kazakhstan that manufactures filtering material for cleaning domestic potable water and discharge waters from natural zeolite. Also, zeolite is applied in metallurgical, chemical, oil and gas enterprises and as effective feed supplement for livestock and poultry.

Zeolite-based oil and masout contaminated soil clean-up technology developed by TAZA-SU LLP allows to solve a number of environmental problems on the territory of oil-extracting areas. Having repeatedly acknowledged its reputation of a reliable partner, TAZA-SU LLP regularly makes lump-sum contracts on clean-up of residual oil contaminated soils and on supply of zeolite for cleaning domestic potable waters. Thus, activity of the enterprise ensures compliance with the Program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Health of the Nation” and main priorities of social and economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan determined in “Kazakhstan – 2030” Development Strategy” program.