Successes of Taza Su LLP consisting in ensuring sustained development of the enterprise, in increase of customer satisfaction in rendered services, manufactured products and active participation in regional exhibitions are marked by various awards.

Within the frameworks of the Kazakhstan week of oil and gas, the company was awarded with the “GOLDEN PROMETHEUS” in the nomination of “The Best Environmental Program”.

The “Golden Prometheus” awardIn the nomination “the best environmental program”Within the framework of the Kazakh week of oil and gas

In 2008, in capital of the Russian Federation, Taza Su LLP was given the international award “GOLDEN JAGUAR” for perfect reputation in business and high quality of products and services, within the frameworks of “The Leader of the 21st Century” program.

At the regional competition “Altyn Sapa” (“Golden Quality” in 2008, the company took the second place).

By the 10th anniversary of Nur Otan party, the director of Taza Su LLP Idrissova D.Zh. was awarded a gratitude for the achieved successes of our enterprise in industrial activity, active participation in social life and charity.

In 2008, in capital of the Russian Federation, the director of Taza Su LLP was awarded the International award “LAURELS OF GLORY” for professional achievements in the modern world within the framework of the “Leader of the 21st Century” program.

In July 2009, in Astana, the Association “League of Consumers of Kazakhstan” awarded Taza Su LLP with the National Quality Mark “PERFECTLY”, which is a symbol of quality goods and services sold in Kazakhstan.

In 2009, in Astana, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the company was given the International “MILLENNIUM AWARD” for development and efficient use of advanced modern technologies in professional activities, development and introduction of inordinary progressive solutions.